The Blue Trunk

Vintage Glass Painting - Krishna with Radha

This is a vintage reverse glass painting from the early 20th c. portraying the enchanting scene of Lord Krishna, the beloved deity revered for his divine charm and playful demeanor, standing elegantly alongside his beloved Radha. Their eternal love is beautifully captured through intricate details and vibrant colors, which bring life to this extraordinary artwork. The artwork incorporates a congregation of devoted followers on both sides of the central composition. These devotees, filled with unwavering faith and devotion, surround the divine couple, expressing their love and reverence for the divine beings. The painter beautifully captures their emotions and expressions, making the painting an engaging and spiritually uplifting piece of art.

Dimensions: Length 53 cm ,Breadth 2 cm & Height 68 cm.

Care instructions: Wipe the piece with a soft, dry cloth. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, dampness, heat or cold.