The Good Gift

The Good Gift

The Good Gift offers a range of contemporary and conscious gifting products particularly in the children & living segments. These gifts are designed to be : 

- good for the consumer
- good for the artisan and, 
- good for the planet.  

They are all handmade using 100% natural material, 1/3rd of which is upcycled from pre-consumer textile waste. They are utilitarian, contemporary and come eco-packaged in a 100% biodegradable gift box. Each box also comes with a maker card that introduces the artisan to the consumer with her picture and her story.

The Good Gift (TGG) is the marketing arm of an enabling ecosystem anchored by Indian Yards Foundation (IYF). 

IYF, a not for profit enterprise, up-skills women from rural & indigenous communities of The Nilgiris with craft forms and subsequently enables them into craft clusters that produce contemporary & utilitarian products from their hamlets for the urban communities. TGG, a for profit, then provides with the market linkages. This ecosystem is aimed at instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in the minds of women from these mountain communities so that the women and, eventually the communities are onto a path of self sustenance. We have built a decentralized backward linking model to ensure we don't disrupt their traditional way of life making these communities resilient. We are using craft and commerce as means to fuel this ecosystem.