Kumar Misal

Kumar's work reflects life in the farming community of Kumbhoj, Kolhapur District, where sugarcane, corn, and bananas thrive. Witnessing society's insensitivity and discrimination against farmers, Kumar uses his art to address these challenges. His creative process, much like farming, priorities process over result, involving paper- making and printmaking with banana, corn, and sugar extracts. Using woodcut techniques, he explores the political, social, environmental, and psychological impacts on farmers' families, highlighting issues of migration and displacement. Collaborating with sustainable farmers, Kumar creates narratives from natural agricultural materials and waste, staying connected to his roots. His recent work at Chandraangan in Udaipur incorporates terracotta techniques inspired by Molela’s cultural heritage, blending elements of man-made mountain walls, "kuchha houses," and tribal villages into terracotta pieces, infusing them with a deep sense of place and history.