About Us


The BARO MARKET was born as the world outside of just “Interiors” at the iconic BARO store. It brings together artists, craftsmen and designers from all over India who work together to create beautiful things that are relevant and exciting for today’s living.

Srila Chatterjee has spent a life time, in various avatars, being enthralled by all the artistry around her. In her travels, she met and started conversations with people who she brought to special pop-up bazars that met with much success. Her belief is that it’s the stories that lie at the heart of products that make them special, and nowhere are there more stories to be found than in India. She also believes strongly in fair pricing that is sensible for everyone : an ethos at the heart of the BARO MARKET.

The team behind what you see here is a collection of people inspired by the stories they hear and the discoveries they make in the course of their work, all hoping to make ripples of change that will make it a better and more beautiful life for everyone.