Harsha Nalwaya + KOMA

Studio Harsha Nalwaya is a design and research practice focused on ecosystems and material cycles. With roots in and access to South Rajasthan's marble quarries, the studio collaborated with KOMA Architects, a practice based in Cyprus and Chile, to design "Samsara," a collection of objects that recover, recalibrate, and give new life to marble waste. After hand-cutting and assembling fragile strips of stone, the resulting objects not only display the skills of the local karigars but also testify to the two diametrically opposite realities tied to marble: the intangible beauty of the local stone in exquisite patterns that have shaped society and context for centuries, and the colossal amount of waste that is now altering the landscape. Special thanks are given to production partner Udaipur Collaborative and their karigars Asif bhai, Kadir bhai, and Zahid bhai for making this a reality