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Laxmi Chromolithograph

  • Rs. 29,500.00

This is a vintage  chromolithograph depicting Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune, sitting gracefully on a lotus flower and also holding Lotus flowers in two hands. Of the other two hand, one is in abhayamudra while the other rests on her left folded knee. The chromolithograph was printed at Ravi Varma Press at Malavli, a renowned printing press located in the Malavli village of Maharashtra, India. Malavli Press was known for producing high-quality oleographs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and their prints were in high demand among the Indian population during that era. This vintage Laxmi oleograph by Raja Ravi Varma is a fascinating piece of art that represents the cultural and artistic heritage of India.

Dimensions: Length 40 cm ,Breadth 1.5 cm & Height 53 cm.

Care instructions: Wipe the piece with a soft, dry cloth. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, dampness, heat or cold.