WOLF : Garden

The Printeress

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The Printeress resurrects lost patterns. Her garden blooms with centuries-old flowers, still fragrant, still attracting bees, and reverberates with the rhythm of a thousand prints.

The Printeress is mindful of each line, of colour, and of connotation. Cultures meet in her garden. She gathers material memories, and she bequeaths them to the future. She led us into this historical garden, and now shows us around it. 

Poppies announce her presence: Brigitte Singh, the Printeress of the Mughal garden.

Size: height 75 in. x breadth 30 in. x depth 9 in.

Materials : One panel from a folding room-divider, fabric from Brigitte Singh’s atelier, nail-pattern wood blocks, found mirrored swan head, tazia form, sacred thread, ceramic bee from a flea market in Tokyo, honeycomb dipped in resin, rainbow glass, glass pipes from a discarded pelmet, brass jewellery scrap, beaded jewellery accessories native to Rajasthan, found surplus fabric, metal insects, and scrap metal flowers.