Dolon Kundu with Nandita Palchoudhuri


  • Rs. 50,000.00

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Size        : 3ft

Medium : Terracotta

Artist     : Dolon Kundu with Nandita Palchoudhuri

Year       : 2022

Dolon is a pinch potter from Bengal : a rare woman in a world dominated by men. Her passion was encouraged by a courageous mother who worked hard as a House Help to make sure her daughters could follow their dreams  - and Dolon sure did follow hers! In 2019, she won the President’s Medal and has built two separate all-woman teams that push boundaries all the time. Dolon looks to collaborate on design so that her traditional craft takes on a completely new dimension : a collection inspired by Mexico’s Frida Kahlo, Bankura horses that go giant-sized, little fish and birds that hang from anywhere… Dolon is 46, she’s shown her work in Mexico and the UK, she’s got over 50 women as trained potters and downsizing for the past year has been heartbreaking. Her supportive husband helps with his own business, but that cannot last forever.