WOLF : Garden


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Fear fertilises anthurium flowers, whose poisonous petals reveal pressurised carbon
dioxide cartridges at the centre. These pressurised cartridges are used to propel rockets, and to push bullets out of guns. While Obliviate looks harmless, like a tall flower-arrangement, it is toxic.

Obliviate is slick, seductive, and sly. Obliviate preys on a public that asks no questions,
and refuses to – or cannot – think independently. People are lured into opaque echo
chambers where only one narrative emerges and is repeated until it sounds like the truth.

Obliviate hides its deep reservoirs of bigotry. It has the potential to destroy spaces of
harmony, and turn colleagues, friends, and neighbours into enemies. If left unchecked,
Obliviate could wipe the garden out.

Size: height 50 in. x breadth 50 in. x Depth 50 in.

Materials : Discarded CO2 pressurised cartridges used in shooting, found metal objects, x-ray films, metal grill, old photos, sacred thread, metal rods, a metal reproduction of a tazia structure, acrylic paint, and scrap metal flowers.