WOLF : Garden

Char Tukde Ek Bagh Ke : Petunia

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The chahar bagh is constructed from careful symmetry and is considered a mystery.
Sunken flower beds rise to the level of pathways, making the garden a carpet that
seasonally changed colour. A chahar bagh is laid outside palace pavilions, as a part of
terraced gardens; tombs are often set with a chahar bagh, associating gardens with

This deconstructed chahar bagh is suspended in the air. It is a puzzle and a collage.
The hero is framed – or trapped– inside a jāli [screen], yet birds roam free. Carpet
patterns, once a blueprint of a weave, come to the fore, to bloom in this garden.
Plants, flowers, walkways and fountains are carefully laid out, creating an atmosphere
of passion, and of play.

Size: height 31 in. x length 31 in. x depth 2 in.

Materials: hand-coloured carpet patterns, scrap jewellery, embroidery, glass, clay
smoking pipes, metal reproductions of tazia structures, and a rainbow mirror.