Jabbar and Abdullah Khatri

Tribute to Rothko - 2

  • Rs. 150,000.00
Size : 120 x 85 in

Medium : Clamp dye techniques on mulberry silk, lined with cotton. 

Series of colour-field stories come together in juxtaposition to form a larger landscape of colour and harmony that evokes lasting emotional expereinces.

The installation, made by Jabbar and Abdullah, used complex clamp-dye technquies: to fold, clamp, dye, unfold, and then again fold in a different configuration, and so on until the desired effect emerged.

Care instructions : Dry clean. 
Limited Edition of 4

Note : The piece in the images is sold.
Each edition piece is made from scratch. It will be virtually the same but with the differences that come from human hands. Since colours are natural, they may vary sometimes because of season.