WOLF : Garden

The Gentlemen

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Flowers are central to being sophisticated, says the Mīrzānāmah, a seventeenth-century treatise on how to be an aristocrat. Just like his garden, the gentleman’s home is to be filled with flowers– exotic and colourful. Flowers accentuate his strength and add to his charisma. 

The gentleman is a seeker. He is the hero, brave and charming. Sometimes foolhardy. Sometimes just foolish. 

The gentleman meanders through groves of flowers, stops to pay respects to his [perhaps estranged] ancestors, and pauses to confer with friends. The Gentlemen know how to enjoy a garden. 

Size: height 73 in. x breadth 30 in. x depth 7 in.

Materials: One panel from a folding room-divider, found glass baubles, hand- coloured carpet patterns, a vintage tile, a vintage smoking pipe, thread and fabric trimmings, found painting on fabric, a tazia model, brass jewellery, fabric from Brigitte Singh, a lac snake, found and reworked miniature paintings, wooden wing, bendable brass fish from a village in Odisha, cardboard water cooler scrap, brass sheet, carpet cuttings, found metal lizard, metal insects, embroidery hoop, and scrap metal flowers.