Wolf - Laal Paar


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Artist : WOLF

Medium : Mix Media

Dimensions : 30" x 6"

Year : 2021


The Rainbow Serpent, integral to menstruation stories of the Aboriginals, wound up in a classic manner as depicted in many temple carvings. This is also a Kolam formation (Kolam is traditional geometric line drawings done in rice paste at the entrance to homes; native to Tamil Nadu, very significantly it has always been done by women…). The Rainbow Serpent to also speak for communities that are shunned and that attitude needs to be shed!

The keys to realise what needs to be shed and to let it go!


Metal bottle caps

Discarded round table top



Flowers and leaves of mica sheets

Metal key hole plate

Paper flowers painted with metallic colour

Metal frame for snake hood

Waste wires

Copper wires

Discard from inside old ship phones.