Shakil Khatri

Weathered Textures - 2 (Set of 5 panels)

  • Rs. 95,000.00
Set of 5 panels
Size : 85 x 96 in
Individual panel width : 17"

Medium : Batik, hand-painted textures, lined.

The art installation is a celebration of texture around us, including nature, that often goes unoticed and hidden. Done in rusty tones made from natural dyes, the installation communicates a visual language that is communicative and expressive, quirky and beautiful, that hopes to leave a meomrable impression on the passer-by.

The panels explore the intersection of batik techniques and the free thinking of Shakil to show what value and appeal the craft of Batik can hold. The vigorous brush-strokes, the cracks, the spots, the volumes, the direction of movement and the inky backgrounds - all purposefully different from Batik block-print - suggests new possibilities with Batik that can go beyond an easy categorisation.

Care instructions : Dry clean.  
Limited Edition of 3