Shakil Khatri

Weathered textures (Set of 5 panels)

Set of 5 panels
Size : 85 x 96 in 
Individual panel width : 17 inches
Medium : Wax-resist techniques on cotton, lined.
The art installation is a celebration of texture around us, including nature, that often goes unnoticed and hidden. Through masterful use of Batik techniques the artist communicates a visual language that is communicative and expressive, quirky and beautiful, that hopes to leave a memorable impression on the passer-by.

The panels explore the intersection of batik techniques and the free thinking of Shakil to show what value and appeal the craft of Batik can hold. The vigorous brush-strokes, the cracks, the spots, the volumes, the direction of movement and the inky backgrounds - all purposefully different from Batik block-print - suggests new possibilities with Batik that can go beyond an easy categorisation.
Care instructions : Dry clean.
Limited Edition of 5
Note : The piece in the images is sold.
Each edition piece is made from scratch. It will be virtually the same but with the differences that come from human hands. Since colours are natural, they may vary sometimes because of season.