Savitribai Phule

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“If you are an Indian woman who reads, you owe her. If you are an educated Indian woman, you owe her. If you are an Indian schoolgirl reading this chapter in English, you owe her. If you are an educated international desi woman, you owe her,” says Thom Wolf and Suzana Andrade's piece titled 'Savitribai and India's Conversation on Education', published in the Oikos Worldviews Journal in 2008.

Social reformer, educationalist, poet, Savitribai Phule is often called the Mother of Indian Feminism. The first female teacher in the first girls’ school. The child bride who fought for women’s rights in the 19th century.

Recognised by her simple tilak, covered head, and nauvari saree, Savitri is a reminder not to take the empowerment and education we have, for granted. Not to take a saree-clad woman who was married off at the age of 9, lightly.

Made of pure cotton, Savitri Bommai can be dry-cleaned or wiped clean with a damp cloth. With her trademark tilak and bangles embroidered on, she wears little cotton chappals, and carries a handcrafted cloth book. Her pre-stitched saree can be put right back in place with a few press-buttons that are easy for little fingers. Her clothes are washable and the saree is end of bolt fabric, sourced from local manufacturers. As a result, your Savitri Bommai might not arrive wearing exactly the same saree you see in the image.

The Savitri Bommai comes with a little sleeping bag and pillow that make for neat storage.

Size: 18"

Care instructions: Dry Clean