Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi is the controversial underdog who is given a wide berth even by most feminists and liberals. Murderand kidnapping are just some of the 48 crimes she was accused of before she went on to be a Member of Parliament. Phoolan is a reminder, that society loves women only when they are inhumanly blameless, or abject victims. But this Bandit Queen who rose from her ashes with a gun in her hands didn’t wait for a hero. She was her own saviour. She was her own reckoning.

Made of pure cotton, our Phoolan Bommai can be dry-cleaned or wiped clean with a damp cloth and is instantly recognisable by her embroidered teeka and the red bandana tied around her head. She is dressed in hand-washable khakis, with buttons that little hands can easily work. Her hand-crocheted boots and bandolier, stocked with bullets, complete her outfit. She comes with a handcrafted, stuffed fabric gun, slung across her shoulder.

The Phoolan Bommai comes with a sleeping bag and pillow made of hand spun and hand woven fabric (khaddar, from Gandhigram) that make for neat storage.

Size: 18"

Care instructions: Dry Clean