Wolf - Laal Paar


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Artist : WOLF

Medium : Mix Media

Dimensions : 

Year : 2021


Inspired by the 64 yogini, manifestations of the goddesses in Tantra. Tantra’s journey on the spiritual path was genderless, anti caste and considered menstrual blood as sacred.

 64 yogini temples were prevalent in 11th/ 12th century and were constructed in circular forms without a roof because the energies of the Yoginis was considered too strong to be contained within. The snake features in many forms and manifestations and is the symbol for the latent energy, the kundalini shakti present in each one of us. Each of us can awaken this shakti!

 64 parts make up the snake, a symbol of renewal, regeneration, fertility, protection as well as a creative life force.

There are 64 discs, one for each goddess, holding both : the power of beautiful creation and absolute destruction. The ‘bindu’, a sacred symbol of the cosmos, placed in a knead utensil to iterate the importance of daily practice to centre yourself.

 A period of meditation…

 A period of thoughtlessness

 A period to honour natural cycles…


Semi circular wooden discs found in an export surplus unit

Discarded cutter discs


Knead utensil

Cogs from scrap watches