Natasha Ghosh

  • Rs. 2,600.00

Natasha Ghosh is a figment of the imagination, yet very real. She was originally created as an entry for an art exhibition. She is a teenager, a ballerina, and has a competitive streak. And oh, she happens to be disabled too. She loves colouring her hair, participating in dance competitions, and hanging out with her friends.

Natasha has a mop of multi-coloured hair bundled up high, like any energetic teenager with a million things on her to-do list. She wears a cotton ballet dress with a tutu, made of end of bolt fabric, sourced locally. Her feet are shod in ballet shoes with ribbons securing them to her legs. She comes with an option of prosthetics; one, meant to be simpler, created with Velcro and elastic. The other a more modern prosthetic that fits like a socket or a sock, on her thigh. She also proudly bears a handcrafted fabric gold cup won at a competition.

The Natasha Bommai comes with a sleeping bag and pillow made of hand spun and hand woven fabric (khaddar, from Gandhigram) that make for neat storage.

Size: 18"

Care instructions: Dry Clean