The Good Gift

Kurumba Painting Bhakti

  • Rs. 2,000.00

Kurumbas are among the 5 indigenous communities that are native to these majestic blue mountains - the Nilgiris. Among being honey gatherers, they also practice an ancient art form that is around 4000 years old - the Kurumba Painting. There are only 5 master painters who now carry this art form which is quite unique. The colours used in this painting is all natural, drawn from tree barks and plant leaves. Each painting portrays a scene from their life in their village or their forest.

The artists, in their effort towards selling more of these paintings, are resorting to water / acrylic colours, but aren't really happy doing it as it diminishes the true form of this art. The Good Gift is providing them with a platform where they can express this art in it's truest form.
They have taken this up by a notch by providing them with handmade paper made out of banana fibre waste to paint on and they are loving it!

A perfect gift to someone who truly appreciates the rich tradition India, as a country, offers. This painting depicts worship.  

Size : 8x8 in / 20x20 cm.

Care instructions : Vacuum clean only.