WOLF - Song To Self

Jasmine Garden

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”And the most exalted experience cherished by the tantric philosophy, the overcoming of all binaries and ascension to a state of transcendence: metaphorically embodied by Shiva and Shakti intertwined in sexual union “-

Tantra and the Vakhs of Lalla are locked together.

Pellets in smaller triangles with a ‘chakravyuh in their center for men at war, divided and power seeking.
The other side with the seeds joined together as a force with endless possibilities.
There can be no creation without both masculine and feminine.
The circle of fertility in the centre filled with grains of rice - a woman’s crop, where success is based on shared resources.
The red spread for the desire of a feminine culture. 

”I, Lalla, carne thru the gate od my soul’s jasmine garden And found Shiva and Shakti there, locked in love!“ (68) 

Click here for an audio guide by Srila Chatterjee

Medium/ Materials: A ’found’ tie&die ‘Guddri’ textile, air gun pellets, cowrie shells, brass wires used in jewellery making, embroidered snakes, rice.

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 62L 26.5W 1.5D (INCHES) 

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