Horai Box

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THE HORAI BOX: A box of community, blessed by the Horai ( Goddesses of the seasons) seeking to help, bless and heal through our hands. 

As the world becomes more alienated , it is the coming together of people to help, to hold and to heal each other, using hands to join together, to connect with each other and reach everyone in need, that speaks of our humanity.

It is the imperative of hands to write the stories but this has been the failing link. We need truthful journalism that we can trust and so from the darkness move to light, move to positivity and hope from the blacked out pages of lies.

The Horai are Greek Goddesses of the seasons.  The word ‘Horae’ means a year. So here we are, seeking blessings for this year. This box for community, blessed by the Horai, is seeking to heal through our hands.

The box is a discarded clock box, chosen for the time it represents.

Black out poetry is also ‘found’; looked for among the many words.

The hand has come from our clutter collections, the chains in it from the scrap dealers and the metal flowers from the Saturday flea market.

The back layer is made of discarded black and white photographs of the people of India.

The lens has been provided by SR Gopalrao Opticians in Bangalore. 

There are 12 ‘found poems’ encased in black, one for every month.

There are 2 gilded ones for the magic the words hold.

Year : 2020

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