Frida Kahlo

Born in the midst of political chaos, Frida Kahlo was a woman unlike any other. She captured the imagination of anyone who encountered her and continues to do so. A painter, a radical feminist, a survivor, there aren’t too many people who have achieved in a mere 47 years of existence, what Frida did, with all her challenges.

[PS: As an adult, Frida collected dolls. A reminder that you’re never too old to buy a doll.]

Made of pure cotton, our Frida Bommai can be dry-cleaned or wiped clean with a damp cloth and is instantly recognisable by her brows and the profusion of flowers she loved wearing in her hair. Her typical Tejuana wide skirt with hakoba frill and short top, are washable and made of end of bolt fabric, sourced from local manufacturers. The rosettes on her head are crocheted, as are her distinctive painted boots and her stole, held together by a hand-crocheted rosette. She comes with a hand-crocheted palette and brush.

The Frida Bommai comes with a little sleeping bag and pillow that make for neat storage.

Note: We use end of bolt fabric, the clothes of the dolls come in assorted colours and it may be different from the picture.

Size: 18"

Care instructions: Dry Clean