WOLF : Garden


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The khat [cot] was once ubiquitous in India, often found at rest stops and in courtyards,
an open invitation for the weary to take a seat and have a chat. There is no room to sit
in EmBed. It is distorted, resting on its frame with two legs pointing upwards, and two
on the ground. The khat has become a bed of contradictions: barbed wire has replaced
the rope, and thorny roses have replaced a soft sheet. EmBed accepts its lopsided
frame and adapts itself to survive.

EmBed asks you to pause and consider what brings beauty, service, and value. Inscribed on the frame are four words: من man [oneself in Farsi; mind in Hindi], امن
aman [peace], چمن chaman [a flourishing garden], and सुमन suman [flower in Hindi]. Our garden fosters unconditional love.

Lying on EmBed is impossible yet EmBed invites lovers separated by space and
ideology into its frame.

Size: height 12 in. x length 90 in. x depth 29 in.

Materials: Discarded khat, cedar roses, brass rod, and scrap metal flowers.