WOLF - Song To Self

Desi Gulab II

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Women make up half the world, and as they dream of a culture of Equality, they must learn to embrace their own body cycles...
Honoured here with roses, eternal symbol of womankind. 

Metal roses in spiral patterns for the need for journeying within, and to symbolise the nature of the journey.
Red rose petals on top embracing the elongated shapes with the mirror for reflecting/ seeing /speaking up and about our body parts and their ways. Black roses for the need to share the wisdom of ancient women, like that of Lal Ded, in memory of all those gone by who were never recognised... 

Click here for an audio guide by Srila Chatterjee

Medium/ Materials:
  • Scrap metal mesh
  • Embroidery thread
  • Buttons
  • Antique wooden buttermilk churner
  • Mirror
  • LED tube with attached electric wire 

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 38H 25W 9D (INCHES)

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