Jungly Hari Bird

  • Rs. 1,120.00

Papier Mâché 

Size :  7.5" x 2.5" x 3" 

These perfect little birds are papier mâché masterpieces created by TRILOK THAKUR of Ujjain, in Madhya Pradesh. He’s the fourth generation in a line of sculptors, and only the second to evolve from casting and moulding in Plaster of Paris to working purely with shredded paper, chalk powder and wood powder - sourced from the waste of paper mills, stationery shops and carpenters.

His father was once commissioned to make birds out of the great ornithologist Salim Ali’s book; they were so true to life that he went on to make them into his livelihood, and Trilok followed.

Clay stays as the mould, but the actual bird is made of a batter-like substance created by mixing neem tree sap with all the ingredients. A simple rolling pin helps flatten the “dough” that is delicately placed on the mould and shaped, and set. The legs are made of twisted cotton, GI wire and thread. Poster colours have replaced the natural pigments his father used.

Over the years, Trilok has adapted his technique to make the birds more lightweight and durable. Only he details the birds as no one else can devote the precision that he insists on. His “house sparrow” won him the Kala Shri Award.