Shakil & Pabi ben

Chromatic, Hand-Stitched Kediya

  • Rs. 40,000.00

Size : Chest - 44 in, Length - 24 in.

Medium : Clamp dye on hand-woven cotton.

Garment made by Pabi ben Karamsi; Fabric design by Shakil Khatri

Tradition meets edginess on this Kediya, cut and hand-stitched by a Rabari artisan that  beautifully contrasts with the symphonic rhapsody of visual texture and  color on mulberry silk. As pastoralists the Rabari woman was highly and widely skilled- from herding to maintaining a household on the move to making clothes and embroidery for the entire family. This kediya is filled with minute details typical of folk clothing- strings, pockets, tiny gathers and clever reinforcements.This iconic folk pattern is combined with a very comtemporary textile in pursuit of new directions.

Care instructions : Gentle wash in cold water.

Limited Edition of 5

Note : The piece in the images is sold.
Each edition piece is made from scratch. It will be virtually the same but with the differences that come from human hands. Since colours are natural, they may vary sometimes because of season.