Ramesh Marwada

Balance, Art Installation

  • Rs. 40,000.00
Priced Individually 
Size : 120 x 95 in (For set of 6 separate panels )
Individual Panel width : 20" 

Medium : Kharad weaving, with hand-spun wools made from sheep and goat hair.

A sum of geometric modules with clean mathematical proportions alludes a spatial treatment to the geometric nature of city's urbanism. The compositional balance of the large framework along with the expressive tensions of the shifting modules generates mobility that integrates the presence of the spectator to demonstrate the installation's quality of form and colour.

This is part of the design series that converses with the traditional Kharad weaving techniques to translate into contemporary home products.The panels are woven on traditional nomadic loom using hand-spun wool yarns.

Care instructions : Cold water wash. 
Modular wall art - set of 6 separate panels
Limited Edition of 5