Roopantar . Transformation

India still contains a myriad of skills and processes involved in the manufacturing of goods of all kinds; call it art or craft. Many of these processes have been documented and understood in detail. Very often great effort is spent by researchers in the pursuit of the 'authentic', of finding the real and pure forms of a process in order to establish an origin and create the base line of a 'tradition'.
In contrast, our interest in this exhibition is how so-called traditions move forward, deal with change and responds to the 'new', be it processes, materials or functionalities. We believe that the constant of 'transformation' is what keeps a skill alive and is the basis of sustaining the future of a 'tradition'. This collection of products is a celebration of the necessity and willingness to transform. 

This show celebrates the fundamental act involved in any creative design process; that of TRANSFORMATION, ROOPANTAR, of changing materials through skills and processes and of shifting meanings and perceptions.
The main content of this exhibition is made up of a collection of contemporary Mata ni Pachhedi's by master painter, Sanjay Chitara from Ahmedabad, that have been specially commissioned for the exhibition. This is complimented by a diverse range of products from all over India and abroad reflecting contemporary thinking and engagement with traditional skills and materials. The materials used are mostly 'base' or recycled.

Arthur Duff & Harsh Bhavsar