Growing up in Calcutta, the one thing that we always noticed was the really beautiful drapery that so many houses had, and you couldn’t find anywhere else. ANOKHI on RUSSELL STREET was started almost 5 decades ago, and is now a legend. Its upholstery fabrics are loved by people all over the world who have had them in their lives at some point in time.
Pria Lall took over from where her mother left off, and in the same factory set amidst lush, wild greenery, a small bunch of men still use hand-cut, fine screens to print on 25ft tables the greatest collection of patterns that go on to cotton, linen and voile. My own passion for their upholstery was what has today forced the shy, reticent and brilliant Pria to present everything they do for online sale anywhere!
We have worked for 4 years with RUSSELL STREET, the name the original Anokhi goes by everywhere outside Calcutta, and we know it is a Game Changer. We love what they do, and we love even more how they do it : completely human powered, artist driven - with colours mixed daily by a Colour Master, and always customisable, we are incredibly proud to be a part of their journey.

At this time of being so house-bound, I hope this inspires you to re-imagine and to be creative!

With love, Srila

10 Ways To Make Magic with Russell Street


upholstery fabric online cotton

On a Seat

Fabric Used : Ashoka Blue


curtain fabric online cotton sheer linen

On Drapes

Fabric Used : Lazy Chevron and Storks

fabric for blinds curtains online cotton

On Blinds

Fabric Used : Neem Leaf

fabric upholstery cotton online

On a Ceiling

Fabric Used : Ikkat Print

fabric headboard lotus cotton upholstery

On a Bed

Fabric Used : Lotus Tree of Life Panel

fabric lampshade upholstery cotton

On a Lampshade

Fabric Used : Parrots

fabric cushions cotton upholstery online

On Cushions

Fabric Used : Dahlia , Carpet , Spray

fabric online upholstery

On a Wall

Fabric Used : Shanon

fabric wardrobe cupboard cabinet cotton

On a Wardrobe

Fabric Used : Cone Tree (custom made)


fabric wall hanging picture cotton art

As a picture

Fabric Used : Bird of Paradise Tree Panel


Hundreds of prints to choose from and
so many ways to create magic with them!