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Vintage Brass Changalvottom Lamp

  • Rs. 7,600.00

This vintage lamp from Kerala is known as the Changalvottom lamp. This lamp was traditionally used to light other lamps in temples and was carried from one lamp to another, filling oil in them from its central well and lighting them from its projecting wick.

The lamp has a bulbous lower portion which holds the oil and balances the projecting arms on the top. One end of the arm is used to hold the lamp and the other end has the wick holder, which lights the path as you walk to light the lamps.

The holding end of the lamp has a curvilinear shape which gives a good grip. There are two small beautiful brackets which support the horizontal arms. The wide base well has several concentric rings etched on it which enhances its voluptous form. The wick holder is deep and its shape compliments the overall design of the lamp.

Please note that vintage pieces may show signs of wear and tear and discolouration owing to its age.

Dimensions: Length 25cm Height 7cm Diameter 6cm

Care Instructions: Wipe the piece with a dry cloth. To remove residue, use a soft cloth to wash it with water using a cleaning agent such as lemon juice and salt. Do not scrub vigorously or use any chemicals.