Tarini Sethi

Light Thunder, Heavy Rain

  • Rs. 392,000.00

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This piece takes a maximalist approach to materiality by using at least four different and contrasting materials and shows how each material, with their individual and opposing compositions, reflect very differently on surfaces.

This play on reflections and the fragile yet sturdy way the piece will be hung shows the malleability of shadows and how with the changes in material, colour and composition, a shadow can be so very different.

In parallel, with this idea, the sculpture talks of the fine balance of world building, and how one change can disrupt and effect everything else.

Medium/ Materials : Blown Glass, Stainless Steel, Thread, Aluminium, Acrylic.

Dimensions : 8 by 5 feet 

Delivery timeline :
The gallery piece will be dispatched on 9th January.
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