Teen Quilt - APK

  • Rs. 7,426.00

These Kantha's are crafted by the  traditional techniques of West Bengal.They are handmade by multi layering of soft fabrics .                                                                          1st layer:hand woven begampuri saree                                                                                  2nd layer: mul cotton                                                                                                              3rd layer: hand woven  begampuri saree                                                                                Techniques: traditional kantha stitch                                                                                      Dye: AZO free dye  used for  the base  material & thread (embroidery)(skin friendly & safe for baby as well as grown ups)                                                        

Color: Saffron

Size: Length 48" x Width 72"

Care instructions:   Hand washing with cold water is recommended.Machine wash with like colors in Normal cycle. Tumble dry on low.