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Scented Beeswax Sachet - Spice Bazaar

  • Rs. 599.00

These organic aroma dispensers are made with 100% natural beeswax, garnished with fresh spices and fragranced with a delicious blend of vanilla, cinnamon and clove.
Ideal for small spaces like bathrooms, closets and drawers, hang one up in the space of your choice and enjoy the delectable aroma that wafts through.
After the fragrance wears off, these eco-friendly beeswax sachets can be reused as a polish for your wooden furniture, a natural lubricant for creaky doors and windows and also as body butter for cracked heels. 

Sachet Box Dimensions: 8.3cm X 8.3cm X 2.5cm
Candle Dimensions: Diameter: 7.5 cm X Thickness: 1.2 cm

Care instructions: Remove plastic wrap before using. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Delivery time: 5-7 days from date of order.