Puzzle - As Above So Below

  • Rs. 3,950.00

'As above so below' In this cosmographic representation of simultaneous worlds beneath the moon, carried upon the back of the wind clouds, piercing through the darkness - The Invisible Masons of the ethereal realms at work. Their most  important enlightenment technique is visualisation of the earth world as a Paradise. Holding this corresponding positive thought in their minds, they envelope all beings with the blessedness of light and merits so vast that each who perceives this, awakens in this collective and inclusive energy. As we transmigrate myriads of destinies in the course of aeons, we dismantle our earthly characteristics. Driving darkness away we come closer and closer to the One true light- Illumination Within.

54 piece art puzzles framed in a teakwood tray, these puzzles can be hung on a wall after the puzzle has been assembled.

Dimension: Size : 11 x 17 inches

Delivery period: 7 days