Metis Practice - Analogue Lab

Precoated Cyanotype Paper (A4)

  • Rs. 1,200.00

Make your own artistic and unique prints. Use as is or cut to required size / shape. Place objects or negatives on the pre-coated paper and expose in the sun or under UV light. Develop the print in tap water.                                                   
 Ideal for beginners as an introduction to the cyanotype process, an educational science and art project in schools or just a creative fun project for children and adults. No need to handle chemicals so perfect for schools and small children (under adult supervision). The cyanotype process is easy, quick, magical and fun. Capture the nuance of light and shadow - a fun group activity for any age!                                                 
Each Pack Contains: 10 sheets of A4 size paper (natural shade, 200 GSM, pH neutral, acid-free) pre-coated  with cyanotype solution, in a lightsafe package along with an instruction leaflet.

Size: A4.

Care instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight / UV light. Store in lightsafe place. For best results use within 1 month of purchase