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Filter Coffee Powder - 250gm

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While there are many who love their filter coffee, there are as many – or more – who detest coffee.. and such people are only to be pitied. It takes a while to develop a taste for filter coffee (like wine). It then becomes an obsession, ultimately leading to addiction.

According to the coffee connoisseurs, the best time to have coffee is early morning, as it acts as a stimulant and sets the tone for the rest of the day. The second best is an afternoon brew which shakes you up from your slumber.


The traditional way of making coffee is the best, as the process is controlled by the drinker.

Ideally roast enough coffee beans that you feel appropriate to be consumed within the next 3 to 4 days. The beans become a sort of golden-brown in color; care should be taken that it isn’t burnt or under roasted. After cooling, it should be stored in an airtight container.

Based on daily consumption, grind the roasted seeds to the required level of coarseness; this is acquired by experience. Powder that is too fine or too coarse will not give the desired result. Powder that is too coarse will require compacting in the filter, which will result in slow percolation. Powder that is too fine will result in percolation that is too quick, reducing the soaking time.
Put the ground powder in the filter and pour boiling water. The aroma will envelope the entire house! While the percolation process is on, boil the milk. The first decoction of coffee with freshly boiled milk produces the best coffee. Another filter apart from the south-Indian filter is the French press which may also be used to make filter coffee, where the decoction is extracted from the top by pressing a perforated plate with the mixture of coffee and hot water. Unlike the south-Indian filter, where the decoction is separated from the bottom of the filter and hence stronger, the French press decoction is lean. It is more suited for people who prefer black coffee.

And finally, a word about the instant variety. This is in no way at par – in strength or flavour – with filter coffee. When a coffee aficionado was asked his opinion about instant coffee, he quipped “I would rather have hot water.” Instant coffee generally passes off as coffee for people who are in a hurry, and have no time to wait for the bliss of the original and heady aroma and flavour of filter coffee.

Weight: 250gms

Size: 16 x 25 x 10 cm

Qty: 250 gms

Care instructions: Store in cool, dry, ambient temperature and space