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Vintage Brass Lady Lamp

  • Rs. 4,720.00

This collectible is a vintage lady lamp (also known as 'Paavai Villakku' or Deepalakshmi) from Tamil Nadu. The piece is over 60 years old and the work on it is very fine with great detail in the robe, hairdo, ornaments and bird on the shoulder. This type of lamp comes in different sizes, from very small to almost life-size. There are also large stone versions of this lamp in Hindu temples and shrines of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, especially at the base of columns and flanking the entrance of temples.

Please note that vintage pieces may show some signs of wear and tear, owing to their age.

Dimensions: Length 3 cm, Breadth 5 cm, Height 10 cm. 

Weight: 210 gms

Care instructions: Wipe the piece with a dry cloth. To remove residue, use a soft cloth to wash it with water using a cleaning agent such as lemon juice and salt. Do not scrub vigorously or use any chemicals.