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Vintage Brass Vishnu Lamp

  • Rs. 3,360.00

This vintage collectible is a lamp dedicated for worship of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu lamps are seen in Vaishnavaite temples mostly in South India. Some of the unique symbols seen on Vishnu lamps are the forehead mark borne by Vishnu followers called the Sri Charanam(Auspicious feet); the Sun symbol signifying light or knowledge and dispelling of ignorance or darkness that lighting of the lamp would do; the moon symbol signifying cosmic energy; the serrated edges of the lamp signify the flames of fire.                         

Please note that vintage pieces may show some signs of wear and tear, owing to their age.

Dimensions: Height 11 cm Diameter 10 cm

Weight: 510 gms

Care instructions: Wipe the piece with a dry cloth. To remove residue, use a soft cloth to wash it with water using a cleaning agent such as lemon juice and salt. Do not scrub vigorously or use any chemicals.Wipe the piece with a soft, dry cloth. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, dampness, heat or cold.