The Blue Trunk

Handcrafted Wooden Hanuman Mask

This fine piece of craftsmanship is our traditional handcrafted wooden mask of Lord Hanuman. The Lord has been given a serene look with beautiful large eyes. A statement piece that would add that divine traditional Indian look when hung on the wall of your living room. In the ancient Hindu epic of Ramayana, Hanuman is the ardent devotee of Lord Rama. He is symbolic of strength, valour and devotion. He is a brahmachari(lifelong celibate) and one of the chiranjeevi(immortal). He is known as the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva and his purpose was to selflessly serve Lord Rama.
Minor variations from the piece in the image can be expected as the mask is handcrafted.

Dimensions: Length 16 cm Breadth 10 cm Height 30 cm

Weight: 1380 gms

Care instructions: Wipe the piece with a soft, dry cloth. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, dampness, heat or cold.