'Chota Alu' Peace Silk Scarf

  • Rs. 10,500.00

The model is wearing an Tussar Peace silk scarf. This piece is for those who believe in the beauty of handmade and the power of cloth to tell stories. In this age of fast fashion, watching the slow process of making fabric by hand is almost meditative. There is an entire army of rural artisans behind creating this work of art, which is the consequence of hundreds of hours of intensive craftsmanship. Each is one of a kind, ethical and produced in a small batch; truly a fabric with a soul!

The network of silk farming is made up of mothers, grandmothers and sons, therefore making cocoon farming a family affair! The Tussar silk cloth is a completely handmade artisan product, made by tribal families, who've been weaving silk for the last few generations. They nurture their small dreams in a remote village called 'Bhagaiya'. Women wake up in the wee hours of the morning to remove the fibres from empty cocoons and then spin them by hand using the time - honoured 'Charkha' or the spinning wheel. Finally, to the most treasured part - the handweaving, that breathes life into the Ahimsa using the ancient heritage wooden loom. Each piece  takes at least a week to produce, excluding the harvesting and printing by the artists.Besides earning a fair income from their work, all the artisans have a sense of belonging, a place they can call their own, that gives them a life filled with love, pride and dignity, where they can benefit from being together as a community.

Size: L 210 - 220 cm W 67 - 70 cm

Care instructions: With a little love and care, your handmade silk scarf will last you for years.

- Dry cleaning is the safest option
- Gentle steam iron on the reverse side
- Do not wrap in plastic, as silk needs to breathe
- Each purchase comes in a recycled bag for storage

This product is made to order. Delivery time is 4-6 weeks from purchase date.