Blue Ajrakh Adjustable Necklace

  • Rs. 2,499.00

This product is crafted from repurposed fabric and wood, embodying my commitment to sustainability. The fabric is sourced from waste generated during garment cutting, giving new life to discarded materials. My repurposed wood is created by compressing wood dust, a byproduct of furniture production. This collection is the perfect addition to your sustainable living choices, offering both style and a meaningful contribution to a greener future.

Size : L-Adjustable upto 28" (71 cm)/W-9", 23cm.

Weight : 38 gms

Care instructions : Keep away from perfume and water. Repurposed Wood Frame is not resistant to excess water. Pack the jewelry piece  in a pouch and keep it in closed box to ensure safety.
Store in clean, dry place away from dust and moisture.

Delivery time : 7 days