Baby Quilt - Sukumar Samogro Series

  • Rs. 3,746.00

 These Baby Kantha's are crafted by the  traditional techniques of West Bengal.They are handmade by multi layering of soft fabrics which is organic and Mul cotton and doing the traditional hand  kantha embroidery on it.We are taking special care to disinfect the Mul cotton and all our dye stuffs used in the base material and the embroidery material are AZO free.So they are skin friendly and safe for a baby as well as grownups.The products represents the history and the stories of a cultural significance.Your purchase will encourage and support the Bengal Artisans and help to preserve an ancient art form that has been passed down through the generations.Each kantha will tell you a story of its making.

Color: White

Size: Length 49" x Width 62"

Care instructions:  Hand washing with cold water is recommended. Machine wash with like colors in Normal cycle. Tumble dry on low.