The Creatures Within

THE CREATURES WITHIN aims to deal with the different facets of ourselves, the demons we create, do not confront and carry with us through our entire life.
It is an exploration of ‘Imagination’.
If our souls are eternal then life is surely as fleeting and as beautiful as a bubble, if not always as care free.

I believe everything has consciousness, and carries awareness. People who have been regressed through hypnoses recount being aware that they were the wind - whose sole purpose was to cool the earth to allow for the first forms of life .

Where do we come from?
Were we seeded by aliens? No? Are you sure?

How often do we step out of our comfort zones and challenge what we have been told is the Absolute Truth ?

We all come from the Source, but how was our creation facilitated?

When one asks the universe for something, it is always facilitated - whether through a person, a circumstance or a chance meeting. If so, then could our creation have been facilitated by other beings created by the Source?

Is this lifetime just one of many countless ones we will experience? On countless planets in infinite forms?
What sort of creatures would one encounter?
Could one encounter in another realm or on another planet?

Would you have imagined them or did they exist before your arrival ?

The show aims to question your prejudices and pre conceived notions : what you believe to be real, what you believe to be beautiful.

I am merely here to ask questions and plant seeds. It is your imagination and beliefs which will determine how and if they grow.

Tahir Sultan, Jaipur, November 2023

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