Chitrakar Relief Sale

Chitrakar Relief Sale


Covid has been horrid, and art has been the last priority of a world struggling just to breathe. But in that world of art is a people whose heritage has come down generations and is now threatened with extinction if we don’t do something fast. We cannot let them turn to manual labour or tiny shops or driving a cab.

Here are ten Masters who support students and families to keep their brilliant art alive. They are in peril; we need to help because this heritage is ours.

BARO MARKET and PEEPUL hope to give these artists who are providers for whole communities, some relief in these terrible times.

Sales of all art will be paid directly to the artists, with no deductions.  

Please help to save this amazing art.

Reach us on +91 9892213907 /  if you are interested in buying any of the following artwork to support the artists.

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