Rooshad Shroff Architecture + Design, is a multi-disciplinary design and research studio in Mumbai. While the practice remains dedicated to the realization of interiors and buildings, the studio also operates in areas beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture including furniture, product, fashion, publishing and graphic design.

The studio’s signature geometric marble lights and vase have undergone a floral metamorphosis in keeping with the theme for this exhibit.

Handcrafted from blocks of white Makrana, the surfaces of each has been carved by Jaipur artisans to reveal intricate daffodils, birds-of-paradise, and bamboo motifs.

The Meadow table, created in collaboration with London-based designer Ambrita Shahani-Tuckwell, represents a moment frozen in time through the radial distribution of pressed flowers on recycled Burma teak. Each placement is painstakingly adhered to the wood with concentrated resin, before spraying on numerous coats of lacquer. The final result is a high-gloss finish that has the flowers pressed for eternity.

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