Sweet Almond Oil

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Geeleemitti 100% natural, cold pressed, undiluted sweet almond oil is replete with amazing qualities. It is anti bacterial & full of vitamin A. It contains a high concentration of vit E. It is a gentle & powerful skin moisturizer. It can naturally reduce signs of aging. It soaks in quickly & can be used a face moisturizer. It treats dry skin & improves complexion & skin tone. It reduces the appearance of acne .It reduces puffiness & under eye dark circles. It lessens the appearance of scars & stretch marks. It is an effective body massage oil. This gentle & nourishing oil makes an excellent baby massage oil as well. This nutrient rich oil can soften & strengthen your hair. It helps to keep hair healthy & strong & protects hair from sun damage. It smoothens frizzy & damaged hair & reduces dandruff.
100% pure natural cold pressed sweet almond oil.
How to use:
• Use for body massage. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to it to make the oil even more special & aromatic with additional benefits.
• It is a wonderful oil for baby massage as well
• It is a great oil for hair massage
• Apply on face to moisturise & add radiance & glow
• Patch test before use.

Quantity 50 ml 

Care instructions: Carrier oil precautions apply.