Wolf - Laal Paar


Contact details: +91 9892213907 / 

Artist : WOLF

Medium : Mix Media

Dimensions : 27.5" x 2.5"

Year : 2021


We celebrate the ancient women too!

In a world dominated by male voices whose view of life, the universe and everything was the loudest and most respected, Sappho’s songs were regarded as extraordinary! So revered was she that the ancient Greeks called her the Tenth Muse, and her songs were passed down over centuries, inspiring generations of poets. She was born late 7th century BC on the Greek island of Lesbos. The term ‘lesbian’ comes from her controversial life.

Regarded by ancient commentators as the equal of Homer, the ancient Greek poet Sappho expressed human emotions with honesty, courage and skill. Most of her work has been lost over the centuries or destroyed. It is clear from the existing verses, however, that she deserved her reputation, and her work warrants continued study and appreciation. From the 10,000 lines that she wrote only about 650 remain, mostly in fragments found on papyrus on mummies in Egypt, remembered orally because they are still sung or found mention in male counterpart writings.

We have used these fragments as ‘golden words’ spread across many moons as they are remembered, even today!

Sappho committed suicide, a woman of such genius and recognition (she finds mention in many Greek texts) - falling to her death.

The use of the semi-colon in this artwork to speak of a ‘pause’, in life,

to speak of its imperativeness in poetry and in life!

and to speak of mental illness and suicide - which the symbol represents today.


Round table top, brass sheeting, old papers, discarded watches, jewellery scrap, mirrored glass, discarded glass bead coaster, metal wire, resin.