Wolf - Laal Paar


Contact details: +91 9892213907 / 

Artist : WOLF

Medium : Mix Media

Dimensions : 70" x 70" x 16"

Year : 2021


The journey within causes churning : many thoughts will rise and fall, and finally the separation for what needs to stay and what should be ‘let go’.

Butter churning sticks, again an object held only by women, used to speak of the travails of the inward journey.

Tessellations - repetitive patterns like that of chanting mantras and jaaps, rhythmic breathing patterns - moving up till a certain “zoning in” begins, where the subtle becomes obvious, the centre space starts to clear while the kundalini energy rises…

…finally moving towards absolute Clarity.

The seven sticks are for the seven chakras, and the lotus on top for the opening of each of those chakras.

The large keys have been placed to emphasise the fact that this truly is the key - the journey within!

If we have not travelled within, we have not travelled at all…


Plank from an ancient construction

Waste conveyer belt forms the snake

Antique butter churning sticks

Lotuses from scrap metal sheets