Sleep Well Oil

  • Rs. 350.00

Sedative & soothing blend which comforts body & mind. It not only helps you to fall asleep faster but also ensures a deeper, & better quality of sleep by calming & uplifting your mind & body, reducing anxiety & stress & pacifying the mind thus ensuring a deeper & better quality of sleep, so that you feel refreshed & ready to face the day in the morning.

• Soothing & calming essential oil combination.
• Eases tension, stress, depression & anxiety.
• Natural sleep aid.
• Helps you to fall asleep faster.
• Enhances your quality of sleep.
• Enables you to remain asleep for a longer period.
• Helps you to wake up energized & refreshed.

How to Use:
• Add a few drops to diffuser with tea light beneath before sleeping.
• Add few drops to coconut oil & apply on temples, forhead, behind neck, shoulders & under feet before going to sleep.
• Add few drops to cotton ball & keep next to pillow where you can smell it.
• Add few drops to bath salt & use while having a relaxing bath before going to sleep.

100% natural essential oil from Lavender, Cedarwood and Neroli.

Quantity 30 ml 

Essential oil precaution apply. Do a patch test before use.